NaturSac offers its fragmentable oxo bags commonly known as oxo-biodegradable or oxodegradable for garbage collection for landfill sites.

They are transparent without any dyes and printed with water based inks.

Our bags are always in rolls to eliminate overwrapping. they have a star-shaped weld that is unique on the market for better resistance. three formats are offered.


Format: 19" x 24"

Box: 900 bags

Capacity: 30 Liters.

Thickness: 16 microns

36 Rolls of 25 bags by Box.

Format: 27" x 32"

Box: 442 bags

Capacity: 52 Liters.

Thickness: 18 microns

34 rolls of 13 bag by Box

Format: 35" x 48"

Box: 250 bags

Capacity: 133 liters

Thickness: 26 microns

25 rolls of 10 bags by Box.

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