Walking on the street sometimes looks like a real course of the fighter, so that's why NaturSac has thought of our parks and cities and the wellbeing of our dear little beasts! You can now get your pet to do his or her own needs in different places specially designed for him or around you taking care of taking a NaturSac bag. It is obligatory for pet owners to have to collect their animal's droppings on the public domain (Street, public gardens, green spaces). Any dropout must be immediately picked up by the animal's Manager. The NaturSac oxodegradable plastic bag is available in standard format you will thus participate in the cleanliness of our environment, picking up its droppings and depositing the bag in a trash can. Directions for use: pick up the poop, flip the bag, make a knot with the straps and the ride is played! Currently the canine excreta is not accepted in the compost, that is why the proposed bag is offered according to the fragable oxo technology but not compostable.   We also offer dog bag distributors for cities and municipalities as well as bulk Natursac animal bags as refills. Can be easily mounted on fences, poles or walls.

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