The oxodegradable bag is made from polyethylene to which additives are added to make it fragmentable. In contact with oxygen, ultraviolet, heat and humidity. It degrades by oxidation. based on recent researches  this alternative is questioned about its ecological efficiency.

being anxious to offer our customers solutions according to the latest processes, PLA bags have been introduced recently (PLA is a completely biodegradable thermoplastic polymer, which uses renewable raw materials of plant origin. The abbreviation PLA comes from the English word polylactic acid, which is translated into French by  "Poly lactic acid". . The new range of compostable bags (PLA) has been added to our oxo-fragmentable range commonly called oxodegradable.

This new range is certified by BPI (the leading North American certifter of compostable products and packaging). The choice of one technology or the other is left to the care of our customers.

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