New biodegradable technologies

Although the production of biodegradable packaging products is still a relatively new process, we are open to all new technologies in order to benefit our customers.

Oxo-fragmentable bags:

are manufactured with additivated polyethylene.  Originally hydrophobic polyethylene will become hydrophilic and will incorporate hydrogen into its functional organic groups. This is the abiotic process of polyethylene, which leads in the first phase to a complete dissociation of polyethylene. The second phase is the biodegradation of the fragments by micro-organisms (microbes, fungi) that feed on organic carbon. These bags (transparent printed in green) are non-recyclable and not compostable, it is recommended to use them as garbage bags and household waste and for the collection of droppings that are not compostable.

PLA bags (compostable) :

all natursac compostable bags (printed in Brown to differentiate them from oxo-fragmentable green printed bags) are Certified compostable by BPI according to the American standard ASTM D6400. Our customers need to be confident that they are using the best truly compostable product with the utmost integrity on the market. 

BPI certification ASTM D6400 :

when it comes to making marketing claims about the biodegradable or compostable attributes of a product, the ASTM D6400 certification is the industry's gold standard. The ASTM D6400 is the North American equivalent of the European standard EN 13432. Both specifications require that biodegradable/compostablesse products decompose completely in a composting frame within a specific time frame, leaving no harmful residue behind.

Our BPI certification number appears on our bags: 10528795


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